DRAKULA an Ode by Robert David Michael Cerello

Hail Lord of Darkness! Transylvania
Bows to its dreadful ruler. Stately, tall,
You are like some great ancient tree--of all
The mightiest in pow'rs. The thing you are
Extends the laws and span of mortal years.
The Children of the Night haste to your hand;
Both time and space bow to your strength's
To bat or wolf you change; therefore, men fear
Your might and comings. Down cold centuries,
You stride, unchalleng'd, cap'd against that
Which pains your splendor. When (past
fang-sharp hills)
A wizard-gold moon rises, your keen ears
Rouse to night's sounds. Then as your fierce
blood sings,
You wake, breathe deep--then turn (with eyes
T'ward beauty dreaming love--as you take wing...

...Robert David Michael Cerello is an Objectivist philosopher, author and poet presently dividing time between San Diego and Budapest, Hungary. He professes to be a scientist of the arts, lecturer, singer, actor, and fictional creator of plays, poetry (haiku and sonnet-form in particular), verse, short stories, science-fiction, westerns and mysteries. He is developing an online database of his collected sonnets, which number in the thousands, and once again lends his talents to this journal.